Are black people pressured to look more like whites

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  3. Black People Are More Likely Than Whites to Die of Heart Disease. Here’s One Reason Why.
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A world where people are burned and hacked to death? Whites stepped on everyone else to get to the top. You look to East Africa but forget South Africa where apartheid was still legal less than 30 years ago. Whites are NOT the most civilized. If you need help understanding why, look to the U.

Everyone is born with a sense of right and wrong and we fine tune this as we age. But by the time we have reached our teen years we should all know that robbery, rape, murder and assault are all the wrong things to be injecting into society.

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If that is not understood by then we have a serious problem. When this is all they are subject to children will learn by example and it becomes a never ending cycle.

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Certain communities need to wake up and get with the program or things will never change. According to an estimate I read on Wiki, Men, then, are vastly more homicidal thantheeir numbers should justify.

How many would argue that men are inherently, by nature, homicidal? Given the reasoning of some on this post, more than a few; crime is far complex than mere demographics can account for. In reality women are just as violent as men. This is, at the least, a poorly structured sentence.

As it is, it suggests that young black men are percent of the population. You have to also realize the government considers Mexican mestizos to be white. That serves to increase the amount of white crime. Interesting comments. I do have one request though that I think would add to the comments. I think that would help as far as getting an idea as to what people are thinking based on their own experiences and backgrounds. I am wondering when I read a comment If the person is just wondering what it may be like or if they are prejudice etc.

Blacks embarrass themselves through bad behavior. Not all blacks, but a large enough group to be statistically significant.

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Facts are facts, blacks commit 3 times more violent crimes and up to 6 times more murders. My dad was an alcoholic that drank away the majority of the money and my mom spent her time sleeping around. Being poor is an excuse, but it is based on the acceptance of bad behavior. In similar situations, with the only difference being the percentage of blacks, the crime rate and racism were drastically different. Crime was almost non-existent in the white community, which was slightly poorer.

And furthermore, why do blacks riot more often? Why do the riots always end up in looting? It is because crime is generally accepted as more palatable in black communities. My personal belief, based on my opinion so it is useless to argue with an opinion, is that crime is more acceptable because we have conditioned blacks to become wards of the state. When they become dependent on the government income, they slowly but surely become entitled. And entitlement makes people feel as though what they want should be theirs…and over time it becomes ok to act out on that feeling.

Obviously I have generalized an entire race…which is never an accurate portrayal. There are many fine black people that work hard and are as accomplished as anyone else. How about internal accountability? When blacks expect more of themselves and stop accepting poor behavior, they will actually have a chance at equality. Except there is a difference between the two. Homicide is the killing of one person by another. Murder is a form of criminal homicide, where the perpetrator intended to kill the other person.

Homicides are criminal, excusable, or justifiable. A criminal homicide is unjustifiable, with consequences being severe. An excusable or justifiable homicide is one without criminal intent to kill someone. Examples of excusable or justifiable homicide would be someone killing someone else as a means of self defense, or defending another person, or law enforcement who kills someone in the line of duty.

Black People Are More Likely Than Whites to Die of Heart Disease. Here’s One Reason Why.

I had a nice car and the cop swore I stole it. They have by racists white law killed or put innocent people of color in jail. In Congress also passed the Ku Klux Klan Act, which allowed the government to act against terrorist organizations. Some say oh this is their heritage. Oh, I guess Americans that fight with isis and fly their flag is heritage too. The treasonous traitors fly that toilet paper confederate flag, they fought against our country and lost.

Looser for life. A terrorist is a terrorist. Are there any statistics, or any information, about rate of crime in poor White areas like in the Appalachia mountains where the Whites are poorer than most Blacks? There are areas of White poverty. The crime rate is almost equal between the Hispanics and Whites. The majority of people in this town are economically disadvantaged. So I think poverty and lack of education plays a role. Although there is a small college in the town and the Black sports players cause a lot of problems, like theft and assault.

He never made any excuses for getting ahead despite his color or being raised in poverty by a single mother. He is a great role model, my lily white son idolizes him and wants to be a neurosurgeon too. If you live in the U. Which group had it more difficult and which is doing better? My guess is those more recent arrivals had it worse and are doing better, because of their perspective that they have much more opportunity here and yet they would experience the same racism as their counterparts. Endless print about the negativity of black behavior on the net tells me everything I need to know about them as a culture.

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For example, no data is kept on how many people police kill. Also, how many people did white Americans kill during the Native American genocide, slavery, Jim Crow, drug wars, illegal and unconstitutional wars of aggression. All killings should be recorded and compared. Every violent state in history always legally justified its violence.

Our entire society needs to wake up to systemic and institutional prejudices and privileges, most especially racism but also that of class.

It requires a change in the society itself, but first people have to be willing to take responsibility for the problems they are complicit in. In that case, American whites have embarassed themselves before the entire human race. Consider the systemic and institutional racism, along with a history of slavery and genocide.

You embarass yourself by seeking to justify such horrific and inexcusable acts. But the distinction between the two is vague and subjective. What a jury determines, for example, is self-defense can at times defy all common sense.

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Acting white - Wikipedia

This is particularly the case when two separate races are involved. The data shows that self-defense is disproportionately seen as more justifiable when a white kills a black than when the other way around. Of course, there is data on all American communities. Why do you ignorantly assert your beliefs when you could have simply looked up the stats? When controlled for confounding factors such as poverty, the disparities in many social problems tend to disappear. But there is also the systemic and institutional racism that is endemic to all of American society.