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Janie W. K , Bay City TX Court Records found for Janie Mccormick Most court records consist of civil records only. Maybe overseas. This memo was signed by Jerry Brown? Jerry was five or six times removed - he was on the Review Staff. To tie that all together, I think is drawing a long bow. He long since retired. We returned him to the Foreign Broadcast Information Service from whence he had come.

I would take this whole thing with a grain of salt, given the author. In he was a senior intelligence duty officer in the office of Current Intelligence. He continued in this capacity until Cabell retired in January McCone became Director in November Elder was still at the CIA in Walter Elder was called before the Church Commission.

Schwarz: Were you present on an occasion on August, when Mr. McCone discussed the subject of assassination with Mr. William Harvey? Elder: Yes I was. Elder: That is correct. At this conference McCone raised the possibility of assassinating Castro. Elder was also involved in plots against Duvalier of Cuba, although he denied it saying McCone was Catholic and would go to hell if he authorized a murder. Kirbow: What you are really saying is while Johnny Roselli and his assets were not, in fact, being used, they were never told to go away, we are finished, no further actions with you.

They were stood down in the sense of the Agency. Elder: To the best of my knowledge, as of April, , they were stood down in terms as were all operations in terms of let us regroup and see where we go from here.


They were never discharged or turned loose. Brod died in In he enlisted in a special Army training program for high school students and after V-J day was sent to northern Japan with a field hospital unit.

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Later he said he was a paratrooper attached to Army intelligence. Herbert subsequently attended law school and joined Delsen, Levin and Gordon where he married Diana Kane, a daughter of a man on the fringes of Republican politics in Pennsylvania and the granddaughter of a Civil War general. Diana was his entre into the world of intelligence. Sometimes the CIA wants people in places to spread false rumors and the law firm had clients like the Indonesians and others.

My recruitment was carried out at a very high level. My father-in-law, E. Later I was asserting myself into the underworld and I used every means I could think of to do it. The CIA stated: 1. It is therefore requested that the New York Field Office interview Horton using Goliath credentials and ask whether or not he recruited Herbert Itkin in or later or did he at any time handle or act as a cutout for Itkin.

Certification of Regulatory Professionals

The results of the Horton interview were never released. As I understand it, one partner. Levin, particularly had close ties with Alger Hiss, Cyrus Eaton and others of a similar nature. Apparently, at that time the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization was in the process of formation, and these people were taking the position that Indonesia and Burma should stay out of SEATO, as by their nature they would benefit more by association with socialistic countries such as Russia and China.

Itkin said when he became aware of their attempts in this direction, he began reporting to Senator Joseph McCarthy. He said Mr. Dulles was rather noncommittal but said that if Itkin wanted to continue furnishing information arrangement would be made for a CIA contact. Itkin said he did want to continue and a person known to him a Philip Harbin was put in touch with him as his CIA contact. He said he was never given anyway of contacting Harbin, but Harbin would call him from time to time and ask what there was to report. Itkin said nothing was given in writing and so far as he knew Harbin just made notes of their conversations.

At this time, through his law firm contacts, Itkin said he was able to report on matters affecting U Nu, then the Premier of Burma. Itkin also had information from a Rosa Morales, who had Guatemalan contacts. He said the money was not repaid. Accordingly he asked Harbin what his relation to Brod should be, and after some time had passed, Harbin instructed him to stay close to Brod and everyone would be happy.

Events Archive - Hotel Villa Schuler

From then on his contact was Brod and apparently Harbin dropped out of the picture. Harbin mentioned three specific episodes during his contact with Brod. The first was a plan to assassinate President Duvalier of Haiti. He said that the proposal was that the Mafia would carry out the assassination in return for a commitment from Luis des Joies and others that the gangsters behind the assassination would get gambling concession in Haiti. Itkin states the FBI was informed about this plan and insisted that it be called off.

Secondly, Itkin says that in he was able to steal some Spanish papers which told about Spanish plans for Gibraltar and their efforts to oust the British. He said he submitted these through Brod and understood they were considered very important. He said the FBI had a copy. I asked him whether this was Agency money and he said no that it was money he had he was never repaid. Note how the results of the interview with Horton are deleted from this next document.

Per your direction, I discussed this case with John Mertz, Cl Staff in an attempt to find out whether or not Philip Harbin was a name that they had used.


Mertz in turn asked Mr. Rocca and Mr. Paul Hartman. No one has identified the name; however, Mr. Rocca believes that this individual could have been Horton It is of interest to note, however, that informants state that Horton worked directly for Dulles during the OSS days, and his relationship with Mr.

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The possibility exists, therefore that Mr. Ward K.

SJC & Appeals Court Cases By Name, C-E

Itkin was indicted in a similar scheme the following year. He was immediately placed under protective custody. Itkin also had contacts in the Dominican Republic and made 20 visits there in shortly after a civil war broke out.

follow link In the fall of he turned up in London shortly after George Blake, a British atomic spy, had mysteriously escaped from HRM Wormwood Scrubs Prison and had fled behind the iron curtain. Itkin was allowed to keep much of the money he received in bribes and kickbacks. Schwartz had contracted an ex-con named Robert H.